An Initiation Towards Unitary Urbanism (2021)

field: installation planning + physical computation
in collaboration with:
Cohabitation Strategies & Urban Front
Tee Topor, Jill Shah & Sean Scanlan
for: La Biennale di Venezia
"The constant exploitation of urban communities and the planet enables the current state of urbanization. It is capitalism’s tendency to pursue what Marx called “the enforced destruction of a mass of productive forces” via the contemporary processes of urbanization and its devastating consequences to communities, cultures, and the environment. Yet there are forces that contrast this tendency and are building daily an alternative that has an impact at a local scale. How To Begin Again is a four-step initiation to a new awareness of the possibilities of building environmentally and socially just cities." - Cohabitation Strategies
For this project I assisted Miguel Robles-Duran with production planning and general installation work.

Sean Scanlan and I also worked on the realization of the large LED installation. Loosely mimicking old stock tickers, we built 12 LED matrix panels and programmed them to display capitalistic vices identified by CohStra.

To match the hand-made and activistic feel of the installation, we decided against any form of tech concealment: all connections are soldered individually by hand and the circuit + components are visible to curious visitors.